Artox laundry chutes

The ARTOX laundry chute is a simple and practical system for transporting laundry from the residential parts of the house to the laundry or other technical room. The laundry chutes are primarily designed for family houses and guesthouses.

ARTOX, a manufacturer of laundry chute systems offers its customers a complete modular system that can be installed in buildings of all types. The compatibility of the individual parts allows using the system even in complicated setups that require various joints and branching.

The backbone of the ARTOX system is the duct piece with a diameter of 300 mm, which comprises the pipe connecting the individual floors. An intake part with a door is installed on every floor and the pipe leads down to, for example, an empty basket.

The duct is fixed on every floor with foundation caps and wall anchors. The whole system was designed to be hidden in a wall or covered by plasterboard or wood.

In the past, ARTOX also offering plastic chute systems, but due to the increasing requirements on the quality and hygiene, and considering the aesthetic and technical aspects, which also had a certain impact on the awarding of the certificate, we no longer offer this type of product and it has been replaced by a solid and non-flammable material - stainless steel.

In terms of visual appearance, ARTOX intake doors are offered in a wide range of colours, made of either wood or stainless steel. The customer will also find in the offer the unique Quick Touch door with touch control. The appearance of this construction piece is likely to impress every architect as well as any future owner of the house with a strong attention to detail. The original solution, which allows you to insert your own decor, such as wood, glass, ceramic tiling or stone, into the door can effectively hide the door in the interior of the home.

The ARTOX system is a top-quality and simple modular system that contains all the necessary parts for the realization of virtually all possible technical solutions. The system is usually completely installed by a specialised firm, or, thanks to the simplicity of the system, you can buy the parts and install the system yourself.

NEWAG Praha s.r.o., distributor of ARTOX laundry chutes, will be happy to prepare a solution proposal and price quotation for your house based on a ground plan and one cross-section of the house, which can be sent to

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