ARTOX original laundry chute

Are you building or remodelling your house? Don’t forget the laundry chute!

Who wouldn’t want a tidy home without children’s clothes lying around and without the tiresome routine of transporting piles of dirty laundry from different places around the house to the laundry room? This can be achieved easily with the ARTOX laundry chute. Basically, it is a system consisting of a small door mounted in the wall connecting to a shaft which brings all clothes thrown through the door to the laundry room below.

A few years ago, the manufacturer ARTOX came up with an original solution – a standardised modular system. Because the system contains a full range of installation components, it can be used in virtually all types of constructions, even in constructions with a very high degree of complexity.

In addition to basic parts with a diameter of 300 mm, we offer constructional parts of smaller dimensions that can be inserted into one another and finally, into the basic parts. The system is therefore partially telescopic, which guarantees accuracy down to the millimetre during the installation without the need to cut the material.

In addition to its standard vertical and horizontal doors, ARTOX has developed a unique Quick Touch door, which can be fitted with various face panels to match the style of the interior. ARTOX offers a full range of colour shades and materials, including wood, stainless steel, coloured glass and mirror. Customers can even choose their own material such as ceramic tiling, stone etc. If the face panel matches the wall around it the door will be almost invisible.

Why an ARTOX laundry chute? And why stainless steel?

The system has been awarded with a TÜV Sud Czech certificate – a certified construction element, the declaration of conformity necessary for the final building approval procedure. The plastic laundry chute system did not meet the necessary conditions for receiving a certificate and is therefore no longer offered by ARTOX.

STAINLESS STEEL design – hygienic material that does not generate static electricity (so that light fabric pieces and similar materials, such as nylon, do not get stuck)

STAINLESS STEEL – abrasion-resistant material that is not scratched by zippers or metal pieces on clothes – scratches like these tend to become filled with dirt
STAINLESS STEEL - odourless material without surface ageing (removed)
STAINLESS STEEL – non-flammable material
ARTOX - simple modular system
ARTOX - warranty for the whole system (excluding doors) 8 years; 3-year warranty for the doors

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