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Laundry chute, wooden style

In this family house the intake piece of the ARTOX chute was installed in the entrance lobby, with walls completely panelled with wood. The Quick Touch door is panelled using a piece of panel cut out for the installation of the intake - see the continuous pattern of the wood structure. This excellent work by the joiner proves that small details make a big difference.


Artox laundry chute in a wardrobe

In an ideal case, two consecutive deliveries can be made to look like one. This is one way to install the ARTOX laundry chute in a wardrobe. Nobody suspects what is hidden in the wardrobe until the door is open. It is worth noticing not only the excellent craftsmanship with which the wood components were installed, but also the general look and contrast of materials used for the wardrobe and the stainless steel material for the chute. "Can you imagine a piece of cheap plastic looking at you from the inside?"


Family house, Prague 4

An ARTOX laundry chute was installed in a stylish family house in Prague 4 as part of a wardrobe, again with a Quick Touch door panelled with the same material as the entire wardrobe set. The compact stainless steel skirting frame is also worth noticing. Although it was not a delivery from the ARTOX range, it gave the whole thing the right flavour. A cosmetic collar is used for the termination of the chute in the laundry room. Not only does this collar ensures a more aesthetic look of the chute duct, it also allows the chute to be fixed to the wall.


Family house, Dolní Břežany

An ARTOX laundry chute was installed in a family house in Dolní Břežany. Originally, the project for the house did not include the chute - it was an additional installation. The house owner chose the new Quick Touch door, which was panelled with the same ceramic tiling as the rest of the chute duct and bathroom. This looks great and gives it a sense of luxury. The space above the chute is cleverly used for storing towels and decorations.


Family house, Prague 8

An ARTOX laundry chute was installed in a new family house in Prague 8. It is a three-storey family house with not only a vertical intake Quick Touch door, beautifully panelled with sandstone, but also a horizontal intake door hidden in a shelving system in the attic dressing room. The chute is installed in a shaft together with other systems (sewer, HUSKY central vacuum cleaner, water etc.). The chute leads to the laundry room in the basement.


BOUDA MÁMA luxury mountain hotel in Pec pod Sněžkou

This beautiful new mountain hotel in the classic style, exuding peace and relaxation for everybody, uses the ARTOX laundry chute. Stainless steel doors with EW15 DPI fire resistance were used in combination with chute sections with a diameter of 300 mm.

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An ARTOX 40 laundry chute, with the diameter of 400 mm, designed for large commercial operations was installed in this hotel. The requirement that two chute ducts run next to each other for active sorting of laundry on every floor made this project very interesting. As a result, the staff in the basement of the hotel have much easier work now. There are in total 8 intake places installed in the hotel with a stainless steel door with EW15 DPI fire resistance.

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